Premium Resources For Teachers of College Algebra and Basic Calculus

We offer comprehensive premium resources for teachers of college algebra and basic calculus that would assure STEM student engagement and dramatically improve student retention at Higher Education Institutions and Colleges with a STEM provision.

Teaching college mathematics to widening access/broadening participation of STEM undergraduates is known to be a particular challenge.  Yet without mathematics their chances of success are significantly reduced.

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Teaching Methodology

We promote a systematic approach to teaching college mathematics that is  deeply rooted in the best educational practices tried over the centuries, adapted to deal with to-day’s STEM students and supported by modern pedagogical findings.   Our educational methodology is geared towards student engagement and retention, allowing them to achieve competency through comprehension.  Since many college STEM students have limited memory and limited time the pedagogical approach we advocate allows them develop competency faster than learning by rote.  The guided teaching suits students with minor disorders, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and even dyscalculia.

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Our premium resources on  college algebra and basic calculus

We have created a range of products to promote efficient and deep learning of college algebra and basic calculus.  Please click the link to Free Resources to assess their quality.  The full Lecture Notes we offer you in Premium Resources contain answers to all Socratic questions suggested throughout the Lectures. They also contain very detailed solutions to all suggested home exercises. Our experience shows that these solutions form a good background for quality seminars.  After students tried to do the exercises themselves and solutions were discussed in class it is helpful to let them see the full typed solutions.  Alternatively, you can use your own exercises and treat the ones in the Lecture Notes as Worked Examples.

I particularly appreciated the concise lecture notes and the solutions to exercises-  a  former student  

Each resource is either a paper or a power point presentation discussing particular difficulties experienced by students and various pedagogical solutions to resolve them


full Lecture Notes on a particular topic containing

  • Concept Maps
  • Decision Trees
  • Unique Summaries (Cheat Sheets)
  • Mathematics-specific Study Skills Guide
  • Answers to Socratic questions interspersed throughout the Notes
  • Detailed solutions to home exercises suggested in the Notes (which can be seen as Worked Examples)

To see our full offering please click on Premium Resources.    A more extensive discussion of these topics can be found on Unizor Education website at Quality PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers and Students of High School Mathematics are offered on the Teach Further Maths website at

 Workshops and Webinars

We also offer workshops (HEI Response Eval_1, FE Colleges Response 1, FE Colleges Response 2).and webinars to demonstrate, justify and offer opportunities to practice two powerful pedagogical techniques which we have found indespensible in mathematics teaching, Socratic Dialogue and Eulerian Sequencing.

These are aimed at providing you with specific skills needed to help learners develop love and understanding of mathematics.

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