Mathematics resources for college STEM students

New hi-tech relies on old maths!  Build maths understanding  =  become future-proof…

Mathematics resources for college STEM students. Math Xplained online!?  Yes!  Use our free online algebra and calculus resources. They are based on lectures and seminars delivered by the author to engineering freshers over the period of 16 years.   A large effort has been put into explaining the basic concepts, encouraging understanding rather than learning by rote!   Countless contributions from students make our offering quite unique.

You kindled a real passion in me for maths. It is about teaching the understanding of maths rather than a technique for passing tests. – Darrel Locke, a former student

 To make the best of this site, start by studying our free College Mathematics Lecture Notes.  They include many worked examples and summaries (that is, cheat sheets!) as well as a mathematics-specific Study Skills Guide (for a fun version see Study Skills Online). We’ll help you see that obscure mathematical tricks are chains of simple operations that actually make sense!

Surf around and you’ll discover what college algebra is all about and learn a simple algorithm everyone uses – often unconsciously – when solving equations.   Once you see the logic behind college algebra, it’ll become much easier to appreciate the logic behind basic calculus too.  Once this logic is understood it’ll become much easier for you to see how to sketch/graph functions and how to find derivatives as well as integrals of elementary functions and their combinations. You’ll get an insight into how the modern world has been built by people for whom college algebra is second nature and who are not afraid to use their basic calculus. You yourself will become one of them:  Imagine, college algebra is not a mystery anymore and basic calculus is fun, not boring!

We know that you like tests and quizzes, so whether you’re studying college algebra or basic calculus, you can always do so by using, say, Maths E. G.  We also know that is very important for you to understand how mathematics can be used in practice.  If you become so involved that you want to delve deeper, check the Unizor Education Web site  at  A fantastic way to develop your math intuition is by working with material on  Quality PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers and Students of High School Mathematics are offered on the Teach Further Maths website at

When you go over our College Mathematics Lecture Notes you’ll see that they contain quite a few questions. The answers are given in the full Lecture Notes available for teachers to buy. The full Lecture Notes also contain very detailed solutions to all exercises in college algebra and basic calculus suggested in your Lecture Notes for home study.  In a way you could treat this second part of our College Mathematics Lecture Note as a database of very detailed Worked Examples.

Our free College Maths/Math Resources for STEM Students are made up of the following:

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